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Changing Your Mindset

How do you change your overall mindset?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply:

I’ve learned that in any situation, what’s important is attitude. When you’re very busy as I was at the end of my pregnancy, still operating on patients at 38 weeks, hunting for a new home, and running around trying to get everything ready for my baby to be born–it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

But if you commit to keeping a positive mindset and thinking of everything as fun, you can find a way to enjoy all the numerous tasks that must be done. Luckily my husband is also a great partner in that he brings joy to everything we do and go through together instead of getting stressed out. Focusing and getting overwhelmed in the negative only slows you down and makes every second drag out even longer. Therefore, in the challenging, busiest times in life, I focus on what’s good, fun, and positive, rather than dwelling on what’s bad, unpleasant, and negative.

Catherine Begovic, MD, a mom of a six-month-old daughter and a plastic surgeon at Make You Perfect, Inc., in Beverly Hills, CA

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Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: My parents were Holocaust survivors, and we were very poor. We only ate meat once a week, and I put cardboard in my shoes to cover the holes in the soles. I always would pray no one would walk up the stairs behind me in school and see the holes in my shoes!

Despite all of our struggles, my mother taught my sister and I to remember how lucky we are. She taught us to think, We have a warm place to live, and we have the opportunity to work. My mother really pounded into our heads how lucky we are. Nothing is owed to use, we have to earn it. And we have to make our own happiness.

Hana R. Solomon, MD, a mom who raised four children, a grandmom of three, a board-certified pediatrician, the president of BeWell Health, LLC, and the author of Clearing The Air One Nose At A Time, Caring For Your Personal Filter, in Columbia, MO

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