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Relationship with Partner

I have a 3-month-old daughter, and caring for her takes so much time and energy, I have little left for anyone else, especially my husband. But he’s a grown-up, right, he can cope! How did you and your husband make it through this hard time?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: Having your first baby changes your life. I was determined to continue my romantic life with my husband after we had our baby. Less than a week after our baby was born, we went out for dinner at a restaurant, leaving our baby in the very capable hands of my parents.

With our second and third babies, my husband and I were much braver and more creative in taking our kids along—when they would be asleep anyway! We’d take the babies along to the movies, and they’d sleep through the whole thing. My husband and I delighted in going out and feeling like the young couple that we were before we had babies. Because of course, we still were a young couple!  

I think that my husband and my commitment to our marriage has also been a great lesson to our kids because we’ve modeled what a healthy marriage is and that working on your marriage is something that you need to do.

Ayala Laufer-Cahana, MD, a  pediatrician, mother, artist, serious home cook, and founder of Herbal Water Inc., in Wynnewood, PA. Dr. Ayala is known for her extensive knowledge of nutrition and food, as well as her practical approach to improving health and preventing obesity and disease.

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