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Preserving Memories

I’m so swamped, and my baby’s first year is racing by. How did you make time to preserve these memories?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: Once my younger son was around 10 or 11 months old, I got back into scrapbooking. It’s something that I really enjoy doing. I have a room set up with all of my supplies and a comfortable place to work.

The first thing I did was gather all of my son’s first few months’ baby pictures together and make a baby scrapbook. I have their baby photos and other mementos like the wrist band from the hospital in a baby book

It can be hard to find the time to scrapbook though. But because I have something to show for it at the end, I don’t feel too guilty spending time doing it.

In the beginning, the only way I could find time was to actually get a chunk of time and go somewhere, such as to a friend’s house. (One of my friends happens to have a Creative Memories business!) I’d spend a few hours there, and get a whole bunch of scrapbooking done at once. Some people are good at working with small chunks of time, but for me I need to really set time aside to focus on it.

Rebecca Reamy, MD, a mother of six- and one-year-old sons and a pediatrician in emergency medicine at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: I loved watching my daughter develop and change and grow. It’s so great to see her learn new things and develop into a little person!

One thing I did that was fun and memorable was take pictures of her in all the different outfits that people bought us. She has two grandmas who love shopping, so she had a lot of clothes! I made sure to take a picture every month on her month “birthday” and then we put them together in an album online and shared it with friends and family. It was really fun to see how she changed from month to month. Sometimes instead of a thank-you note, I would e-mail people the picture of her in the outfit they bought her and a message from us saying thanks!

Melody Derrick, MD, a mom of one 17-month-old daughter and a family physician in private practice with Central DuPage Physician Group in Winfield, IL

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