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Too Much Sleep

My baby is seven weeks old and seems to be sleeping twice as much as she is awake. When she is awake, she is alert and doing everything she should be. But I worry, is she sleeping too much? Will it negatively affect development?–Mary D, a mom of one in West Warwick, RI

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: Your baby is sleeping the perfect amount. In fact, a good sleeper makes for a wonderfully content baby. In my experience, good sleepers are the ones that are on the upper end of height/weight charts. Not to worry as long as baby is doing what a seven-week-old should be: eating, gaining weight, making eye contact, and getting  her neck stronger.  

Hana R. Solomon, MD, a mom of four,  ages 35 to 19, a board certified pediatrician, the president of BeWell Health, LLC, the inventor and entrepreneur of Nasopure Nasal Wash systems, and the author of Clearing The Air One Nose At A Time, Caring For Your Personal Filter


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