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Milk Supply

I’m breastfeeding but not producing enough milk. How did you boost your milk supply?        

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: A friend and I had babies about the same age. We had both returned to work and were breastfeeding and trying to find ways to increase our milk supply. I had tried taking the herb fenugreek, but I didn’t like taking it. I don’t like the taste of licorice, so I couldn’t drink licorice tea. She tried Reglan, but she didn’t like the side effects.

We knew there had to be something better. We found some lactation cookies on the market, but they didn’t taste very good. We tinkered with the recipe until we found one they liked. Thirty-five cookie recipes later, we had a winner. We shared them with some other moms-to-be at work, who agreed that they really worked!

Cheri Wiggins, MD, a mom of four- and two-year-old daughters, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation at St. Luke’s Magic Valley, and the cofounder of the Mommy Doctors Baker (makers of Milkin’ Cookies), in Twin Falls, ID

Mommy MD Guides-Recommended Product: Milkin’ Cookies: Boosting Milk Production Deliciously

Milkin’ Cookies are a natural solution to some of the worries facing nursing moms. They contain galactogogues, which are ingredients that can help increase breastmilk production, and they taste great.

You can buy Milkin’ Cookies, in two delicious flavors: oatmeal chocolate chip and cranberry almond oatmeal. Both flavors contain galactogogues, which are ingredients that can help increase breast milk production.

You can buy Milkin’ Cookies at http://www.milkin-cookies.com/.  A two-week supply costs around $21.

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