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Allergies, Food

My husband is allergic to nuts, and I worry our baby will have allergies too. Did you?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: Food allergies run in my family, and when my son was a baby, I was very concerned he might develop them. I took the recommendations very seriously of when to introduce which foods, for example I waited to give my son shellfish and nuts until he was three years old.

As an extra precaution, I asked my son’s pediatrician for a prescription for an EpiPen. I took it with us, especially when we traveled away from home. This might not be practical for all parents, but all parents should learn the signs of an allergic reaction, which include hives, swelling, or trouble breathing.

Sharon Giese, MD, a mom of one two-year-old son and a cosmetic plastic surgeon in private practice in New York City

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