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My maternity leave is almost over, and I have to put my baby in daycare. How you do deal with the guilt?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: One of the best tips I received as a new mom was on this very topic, from a senior doctor in my department.

She told me that as a working mom, when you leave home, don’t ever show guilt. You are leaving because you need to go do important work. And your work is important no matter what it is that you do—you work because you provide an important service, or need it for your own fulfillment or so that you can put food on the table.

If you show that you feel guilty to leave, your children will feast on that and make you feel terrible! Don’t say, “I’m so sorry to leave you.” Be confident that you have placed your children in good, capable hands. If you must leave them, do it confidently and without guilt. You are off to do important work and that’s what your kids will think too!

Ayala Laufer-Cahana, MD, a  pediatrician, mother, artist, serious home cook, and founder of Herbal Water Inc., in Wynnewood, PA. Dr. Ayala is known for her extensive knowledge of nutrition and food, as well as her practical approach to improving health and preventing obesity and disease.

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