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I’m going back to work part-time soon, and I need to find a babysitter for my baby. How did you go about finding one?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: When my daughter was born 45 years ago, I went back to work a few days later and then worked nonstop. That’s the way it was back then.

I worked very hard to find a good babysitter. I interviewed quite a few people until I found the right one. I found a marvelous babysitter who was the wife of a doctor. She was very good to my daughter. She and her husband had three children of their own. Their youngest was five years old, and she loved playing with my daughter.

My daughter liked it there so much that she cried sometimes when it was time to go home! I think part of it was because at the babysitter’s house, she had “siblings.”

A few years later, the family moved, and I had to renew my search for a babysitter. I found another woman nearby who watched kids in her home. It seemed like an ideal situation, partly because the babysitter picked my daughter up and brought her home each day. But one day, I picked my daughter up myself, and I could tell she wasn’t happy there. Things weren’t quite as they had been presented to me, and the woman was watching more kids than she had said she was. I pulled my daughter out of that situation immediately, and fortunately she hadn’t been going there long.

After that, I found a lady a block away from my home who was taking care of two other girls. They were the same age as my daughter, and they all went to the same school. The three girls were all only children, and they became so close they were like sisters. That was a great situation!        

Shirley M. Mueller, MD, a mom of a grown daughter and a grandmother of two, a board-certified neurologist and psychiatrist, and the CEO and President of MyMoneyMD.com, in Indianapolis, IN

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