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My husband and I are adopting a baby. What did you do to prepare for your baby’s arrival?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: One of the challenges is you don’t know how old your child will be when you bring her home. Will she be six months old? Eighteen months old? It’s hard to know what clothing sizes to buy. My friends and family bought my daughter 18 month clothes, but my daughter was very petite and even though she was 18 months old when she came home, she only wore size three-month clothing!

I think the best thing to do is be flexible and have just a few clothing items in many sizes. Also keep the tags on and save the receipts. That way, you can exchange anything you don’t need.

Another challenge is the waiting. People call adoption a “paperwork pregnancy” because you wait, and wait, and wait. We started the paperwork for a Chinese adoption in spring of 2005. We received a picture of our daughter on August 1, 2006. Then we really started to get excited, and that’s when we started to prepare for our overseas trip.

Kindra Browning, DO, a mom of one with two more adoptions on the way and a board-certified physician at Union Hospital in New Philadelphia, OH, who specializes in the treatment of hypertension and diabetes and in preventive medicine

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