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Nilong Vyas, MD

Dr. Vyas is a mom of two well-rested children, a board-certified pediatrician, and the founder of Sleepless in NOLA sleep consulting, where she teaches parents how to get their kids sleeping through the night in a gentle and safe manner. 


Special Teams

Dr. Vyas is interested in:

  • Mothering with the Mommy MD Guides syndicated newspaper column contributor
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  • SpokesDoctor opportunities
An Interview with Dr. Vyas

What’s your favorite parenting tip? Stay consistent. Think of kids how you would think of a slot machine. If every time you ‘give in’ to something (they get ‘rewarded’ for their behavior), they will quickly realize that they can push those buttons and try it again. 

What has surprised you most about parenting? How hard it is and helping to raise kids helps you grow as a person. If you work on yourself, it shows in your kids. 

How do you get your kids to eat healthy food? The adults eat healthy foods so they want to eat them as well. We talk about nutrition and how good foods fuel their bodies. We also make them try everything that is offered every time, even if they don’t love it. They don’t have to choose to eat it if they don’t like it after the trial. 

How do you work exercise into your family’s life? We do family outside time where we run around in the park, play games, and do exercise drills. We also do family yoga. It is important to teach them the benefits of exercise when they are young.  

How do you recharge your batteries? Having time alone (or with my spouse) independent of the kids is helpful. Also, getting away for even a short family vacation is nice. 

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