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Inessa Fishman, MD

Dr. Fishman is a fascial plastic surgeon in Atlanta, GA.


Special Teams

Dr. Fishman is interested in:

  • Mothering with the Mommy MD Guides syndicated newspaper column contributor
  • Media interviews
  • Speaking engagements
  • SpokesDoctor opportunities


Medical and Media Experience


An Interview with Dr. Fishman

What has surprised you most about parenting?  The amount of work—and stress and worry—involved in parenting has been most surprising to me.  I have also been very pleasantly surprised by the awesome amount of support in my real-life and online Mom circles, with both Doctor Moms and non-Doctor Moms!

How do you get your family to eat well?  I have found baby-led-weaning to be helpful in teaching my daughter to try a variety of foods.  I also like the idea of putting out several colorful vegetable options onto the table, in addition to our entrees, as an effective way to keep our diets healthy.

How do you get your family to exercise?  My daughter loves to stay active—with biking, running, and outdoor games—especially when my husband gets involved.  We’ve also recently started gymnastics lessons.

What do you do to take care of YOU?  I like regular pedicures and quiet time at night to recharge.

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