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Arleen K. Lamba, MD

Dr. Lamba is a mom of one son, an anesthesiologist, the medical director of Blush Med Institute, founder of Blush Blends Skin Care line, avid beauty & fashion blogger, and a chapter author in Anesthesia Unplugged, in Washington DC.


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An Interview with Dr. Lamba

What’s your favorite parenting tip? My baby boy is three months old, and already he has taught me so much. I faced many of the same challenges that many new mommy’s face, from sleepless nights to questioning whether I had a colicky baby. One thing I would advise new moms is don’t be afraid of changing things. For instance, if you friends highly recommend one bottle but the baby seems “gassy” it’s ok to try a different brand. What works for one baby might not work for yours. Find out for yourself what suits your little one.

What has surprised you most about parenting? Becoming a parent is a blessing, but I was surprised at how many different emotions I can feel in a matter of minutes. You can go from being at your wits end as you try to comfort your colicky baby to falling madly in love over and over again as your baby “coos” and smiles innocently at you. And all these emotions can happen in the same amount of time it takes to warm the baby’s bottle! I guess that’s why they say motherhood is challenging yet rewarding.

How do you get your kids to eat healthy food?  Because I’m breastfeeding, my baby gets most of his nourishment from breast milk. I’m a working mom who wears a lot of hats in one day, so I depend on pumping breast milk during the workday and at times even formula as needed. Some women choose to exclusively breastfeed and that’s great! But if you can’t breastfeed, pumping breast milk is a great option. Whatever you decide, just know you are doing the best you can for your baby. Don’t compare or judge your routine with those of others. Do what’s best for you and always speak with your pediatrician for guidance!

How do you work exercise into your family’s life? Between breastfeeding, working full-time, and trying to spend quality time with both my boys (my baby and hubby) it’s hard to find time to exercise. So I started by going for walks with my baby and husband at a local park. This allowed me time to catch up on the day with my husband, get in some exercise, and fresh air for my little guy. Now, I joined a gym that provides childcare while you workout. This way I can do an aerobics class or hot yoga or Zumba the calories off!

How do you recharge your batteries? Recharging my batteries means taking some time for myself out of my schedule to do the things I love. For instance, I love watching my favorite shows such as Real Housewives and Downton Abbey. (Yes I have a very “eclectic” choice in television.) But with working full-time and a new baby I don’t exactly have time for television. So I depend on my Apple TV. My nightly routine after putting the baby to sleep is for my husband and I to catch up on our favorite shows by watching them on our Apple TV. We enjoy this time as we sip on chamomile tea or have a glass of wine and find new shows to tune into. Favorite part of the evening, a sleeping baby, husband to cuddle with, and no commercials.

I also recharge with facials every two weeks. Facials help me energize by hydrating my skin, increasing blood flow, and keeping my skin youthful. For instance, if I’m fatigued, I choose an energy booster facial with eucalyptus aromatherapy that lifts my spirits. These facials are preventive and relaxing. I feel great, and I look great too!

Dr. Lamba’s Q&As

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