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Monica Lee, MD

Dr. Lee is a mom of one son and an ob-gyn in the LA Metro area.


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An Interview with Dr. Lee

What’s your favorite parenting tip? Always have fave foods on hand when leaving the house to bribe your child to cooperate in a difficult situation.   Also, keep in mind if your child is being difficult, it doesn’t mean this will last forever, likely it is just a phase.


How do you get your son to eat healthy foods? It is difficult.  But I usually use a mini-chopper and blend in veggies with his pasta, etc.  I also buy foods that are fortified.


How do you integrate exercise into your life? I have an exercise bike and use it after my son falls asleep.   My son just became old enough to love hiking so we do almost every weekend together.


How do you recharge your own batteries? By writing about things I care about like on this blog, hiking, skiing, reading books, visiting friends and family.

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