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Ann LaBarge, MD

Dr. LaBarge is a mom of four children ages and an ob/gyn in private practice at the Midwest Center for Women’s Healthcare in Park Ridge, Illinois.


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An Interview with Dr. LaBarge

What’s your favorite parenting tip? Sleep when your baby sleeps for at least the first two weeks. Also, you’re their parent, not their friend.

What has surprised you most about parenting? It’s so much more fun than I expected.

How do you get your kids to eat healthy food? We’re not clean-your-plate people, but our kids know they eat what’s on the table. My kids all eat well; it’s not an option.

How do you work exercise into your family’s life? My husband and I are both athletes, and we’re both thin and in shape. Our kids play two or three sports each. My husband makes it to every single one of their games.

How do you recharge your batteries? My husband and I try to find time to go out together. We don’t do it every week, but we try for once a month. We just went away for four days to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! Now that my kids are older, much of their day-to-day care is on autopilot. They get up themselves, dress themselves, and make their own breakfast. That part has gotten much easier.

Dr. LaBarge’s Q&As

I’m a few weeks along and have bad morning sickness. How did you cope?

I’m in my second trimester, and I have bad headaches. Did you and how did you cope?

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