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Judith Hellman, MD

Dr. Hellman is a mom of one grown son, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Mt Sinai Hospital, and a dermatologist in private practice, in New York City.


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An Interview with Dr. Hellman

What’s your specialty?  I specialize in dermatology, and I subspecialize in cosmetic dermatology. I do a lot of laser procedures, injectibles such as Botox and fillers such as Restylane and others, as well as lasers for birthmarks, skin tightening, and more.

What’s your favorite parenting tip?  Let your kids be who they are. All we can do is to guide them. Their basic being is pre-set by genetics and nature, and we can’t change them into who they are not. Our job is to provide guidelines for what is good, bad, safe, not, and to set moral standards.

What has surprised you most about parenting?  All of the sacrifices you make don’t feel like sacrifices. You do what you have to as a mother from total complete submission and love. It doesn’t feel like you’re giving something up; it feels like you’re gaining something. For example, if I skip a party to stay home with my son, it doesn’t feel like I’m giving something up. It feels like I’m choosing to spend my time with the best possible company.

How do you get your kids to eat healthy food?  I don’t think I have a good answer for this. My son has only ever had a set of about three favorite foods he’ll eat. The foods have changed over the years, but he only eats a very small selection. To make sure my son gets the vitamins and minerals he needs, I give him a multivitamin each day.

How do you work exercise into your family’s life?  I exercise first thing in the morning after my son goes to school. If I didn’t, by the end of the day I’d be too beat!

How do you recharge your batteries?  My favorite thing to do is to spend time with my son. I do force myself to spend time with grownups sometimes. I probably don’t do enough to relax, for myself.

Dr. Hellman’s Q&As

I’m pregnant, and we have a dog and a cat. How did you keep your baby and pets safe? 

I have to go back to work soon, and I’m  a wreck. How did you cope with this?

How do you dress well?

How do you boost your energy?

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