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Lisa Campanella-Coppo, MD

campanellaDr. Campanella-Coppo is a mom of one daughter and an emergency department physician at Summit Medical Group, in Livingston, New Jersey.
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An Interview with Dr. Campanella-Coppo

What’s your favorite parenting tip? Play with your kids and husband every day and try not to bring work home. Watch Sesame Street regularly and stay off the internet. If you have a question about parenting, call your mom and your mother-in-law (or two other moms that you trust) and when they agree, do what they did!

What surprised you most about parenting? How much vomit and poop can come out of one small child. How much in love I am with my daughter.

How do you get your daughter to eat healthy food? I put butter and cheese on them! Ketchup helps too!!

How do you work exercise into your family’s life? My husband and I are very active. My daughter goes outside when the weather is nice, and we spend an hour or two at the playground. She has been in three races in her running stroller, and now that she is getting older wants to run “with Mommy and Daddy.” We enrolled her in swimming lessons, and we have taken her out on skis. The most important thing for kids is to take them to the park and let them play and run around. Children will be healthy if they see you being healthy.

How do you recharge your batteries? Spending alone time with my husband, working out, and getting regular sleep!

Dr. Campanella-Coppo’s Q&As

Do you recommend first aid classes?

How do you prevent your toddler from choking?

How do you cope with mood busters?

Do you recommend any weight loss products?

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