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About Us

Rallie McAllister, MD, MPH, and Jennifer Bright launched Momosa Publishing LLC in 2009 to publish websites and books featuring tips that Mommy MD Guides (doctors who are also mothers) use for their own families. We publish www.MommyMDGuides.com and The Mommy MD Guides book series.
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“Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth” Mommy MD Guide Rallie McAllister offers tips from our new book, The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth


“27 Pregnancy Health Tips from Doctor-Mothers” An excerpt from The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth


“13 Pregnancy Tips from Mom-Doctors for a Healthier, Easier 9 Months” An excerpt from The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth


Newborn Baby Clothes: Mommy MD Guide Hana Solomon, MD, offers tips about dressing baby better.


“How to Engage a Toddler While Waiting” Read tips from Jennifer Bright on how to keep a toddler occupied in a waiting room, such as at a doctor’s office.


“Should a Baby Boy be Circumcised?” Thoughts on circumcision from Mommy MD Guide Rallie McAllister and Jennifer Bright.


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 “Summertime Reading: The Best Books for Your Bump”


The Stem Cell Source 
Physician Moms Support Cord Blood Banking”


The information on MommyMDGuides.com is not intended to replace the diagnosis, treatment, and services of a physician. Always consult your physician or child care expert if you have any questions concerning your family's health. For severe or life-threatening conditions, seek immediate medical attention.