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What Happened?

January 31, 2013 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

Your body changes when you’re pregnant, but it ain’t all bad. The other day, I was wondering what happened to my boobs. Actually, I knew where they were—somewhere near my navel. Like birthday balloons the day after all the helium has seeped out. But somewhere about month six, those God-given milk-makers take on a shape like never before. Socks, tissues, and oranges stuffed into your bra can’t hold a candle to the real deal. I never measured the actual circumference of them before or during pregnancy, but I can tell you those suckers can stretch. Two bra sizes easily.

“You have such a glow about you!” I never heard that until I was pregnant. Except the time I had neon clothes under a strobe light at a nightclub. But it was true. My skin was different. It actually looked good. I foolishly assumed the glow of being with child was just from being happy. Sadly, I didn’t gain a lot of happy just being pregnant. Weight, yes. Mounds of happy? Not really. My skin looked shiny. Upon closer examination, I was pretty sure it was just oily skin.

It’s been nine years since I had our second child. Suspiciously, it’s also been nine years since my hair had the thickness, curl, and body I like. My hair grew quickly. Now it has an attitude. It grows when it wants to. If it wants to. When I was pregnant, my hair grew the same way all over my head. Now it comes in zones—okay, so-so, and angry. One side never gets as long as the other, and the curl isn’t even curly. It’s a combo of Bozo the Clown, a wet poodle, and dry angel hair pasta.

I’ve got stretch marks in places where I didn’t know you could get stretch marks, one foot is larger than the other, and I’m sporting a mid-section that is the reason high-waisted Mom jeans sell so well. But really, what else would you expect to happen after housing a bowling ball for almost a year?


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