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A Different World

January 23, 2013 by  
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by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

Life is full of things you don’t pay much attention to. Until you have to. Like when you’re running late for an appointment and you’re 10 people deep in line at the grocery store talking yourself into going to the self-checkout lane. You know why those lines are virtually nonexistent? First, because rarely can you find the right buttons to key in for the produce (how many types of green peppers are there?). Plus, you have to bag your own stuff and as easy as it looks, there is a science behind it. Third, the annoying automated voice keeps telling you to put the item in the bag. Like you don’t already know that was the goal!

The point is, your world is full of things and places that you are familiar with. What’s the point in taking a path that you don’t need to just to see where it leads? Go where you need to go. And honestly, before you have kids, going some places is pretty scary.

Take Babies R Us. Until expecting a child, you were just fine shopping at the mall and boutiques. A warehouse like that is nearly the same as traveling to a foreign country. Which is why a map would be handy. Throw in a translator and a tour guide, and you’re good to go.

The clothing selection alone is overwhelming: clothes for infant girls, clothes for infant boys. Outdoor gear. Bedtime gear. Getups for Christmas, Halloween, and the 4th of July. No wonder babies crap so much. They’re totally on to the fact that they are one diaper away from a costume change.

And speaking of diapers, that place is like an art gallery just for them. It may very well be the only time diapers look so appealing. A whole wall filled with nothing but diapers. And not the kind of wall you have at home. A wall that is just slightly shorter than a football field. From preemies to potty training and plain to decorated, they’ve got ’em. In boxes and bags. I’m so hoping we’ll have such a selection for adult diapers.

But when you get ready to have your baby, you’ll learn how to navigate such places. You’ll see why it’s best to avoid them on Black Friday, eat before you go, and plan an exit strategy.

You’ll grow to appreciate the two rows Walgreens dedicates to pediatric medicines, wipes, and jar food. Not to mention the one that has alcohol too! Every Target store within five miles of your house will be your new favorite place to go (bonus points for the ones that have Starbucks and those slushy drinks). And you’ll be on a first name basis with the pharmacist at Walmart too.

As for the self-checkout lane, you’ve been warned.


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