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Mommy MD Guides-Recommended Product: FunBites Food Cutter

August 7, 2012 by  
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Did you ever get something new and were delighted to discover that it worked every bit as well as well as you had hoped? That’s the experience I had with FunBites!

When I opened the box of FunBites with my sons, seven-year-old Tyler and five-year-old Austin, they were immediately drawn to the bright colors. Austin grabbed the green “Cube It” cutter that cuts food into small squares, and Tyler wanted the purple “Luv It” cutter that cuts food into heart-shaped bites. Both boys were excited to try the cutters right away, so I got out a pack of soft flour tortillas. I put the tortillas on a cutting board and showed my kids how to use the FunBites. It was easy to rock the cutter back and forth and then press down the popper top to pop out the food.

When I lifted the cutters to see the shapes, my sons literally gasped! Their tortillas had been cut into absolutely perfect cubes, hearts, and triangles!

“I give it a 100!” Tyler said. I’m pretty sure that’s on a scale of 1 to 10!

“Share?” Austin asked, as he handed me a perfect tortilla heart.

Next we experimented by cutting out whole wheat bread and red peppers. My sons gobbled up all of the perfect pieces, and then they cut extras to put in small bowls for supper.

FunBites were invented by Mommy entrepreneur Bobbie Rhoads. They’re BPA-free, which is very important to me.

After supper, I washed the FunBites in the dishwasher, and they came out good as new.

You can use FunBites for cutting cheese, pizza, omelets, turkey burgers, pancakes, sandwiches, watermelon, cantaloupe, tofu, and more. They’re perfect for picky eaters to get kids to try new things and eat healthier. Choose the “Cube It!” cutter to cut food into small squares or the “Luv It!” cutter to create heart-shaped bites. Each costs $12.99 at www.funbites.com.

Enter here for a chance to win the FunBites food cutter of your choice through the end of August.

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