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Life Gets Blurry

July 30, 2011 by  
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by Julie Davidson

When the boys were babies, I recall having a bathing schedule. I think we bathed them three or four times a week. Somewhere between them being two and seven years old, we kinda got soft on that schedule. I’m not proud of that—just being honest.

They love taking baths ’cause they like to play in the tub and sit in there forever. That’s exactly why we prefer them to take showers. But it’s like pulling teeth to get them to shower. About a month ago, the boys had a friend over after soccer practice. When his mom came to pick him up I told Max it was time to shower, and he defiantly replied, “Again? I just took a shower two weeks ago!” I didn’t even want to look the other mother in the face. Yeah, time to get back to that schedule.

Earlier this week when Max begged to take a bath, I let him. We’d been on vacation, and there was a good chance he’d picked up a fair amount of dirt between here and the Grand Canyon. No sooner did he hop in the tub then we could hear him swishing that water around. My husband told him to keep the water in the tub. More swishing.

“What are you doing in there?” I yelled from the other room.

“I’m getting cleaned up,” he said.

Later that night, my I could hear my husband grumble from the bathroom. The kind of grumble that tells me to brace myself for bad news. Water (murky water) was backed up in the tub. He’s not a plumber, but he knew immediately that something must have gone down the drain. He tried Drano. Didn’t work. He tried to snake the drain. Nope. Then he tried talking to the kid. He asked Max what he did with the washcloth he used. Max said he wasn’t sure. That answer didn’t change much over the next 24 hours. Neither did the standing water in the tub.

Finally, I asked Max if he put the washcloth down the drain. He looked and me and said, “I don’t know. Maybe, but I can’t be sure because Dad put bubbles in the water for me. Things were kinda blurry.”

I could tell he was being honest. And I really love the “blurry” part. How many times have we come across situations in life when things aren’t clear? Marriage. Going back to school. Buying a home. Taking a new job. Dealing with health issues. The list is practically endless. Who knows. Maybe life is one big blurry spot with a few clear moments in between.


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