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Scoot, Mom, Scoot

July 2, 2011 by  
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by guest blogger Julie Davidson

Remember how easy it was to lose those pounds after having babies? Yeah, me neither. But I am trying to get in shape. And though my oldest is well-meaning, it doesn’t help that he is a total believer of every commercial he sees. “Hey, Mom, look at this commercial! You can lose 10 pounds in two weeks. Is that what you need?”

So a friend from work mentioned this running program called From the Couch to 5K. I was mainly intrigued by the couch part. It’s basically a graduated running program. I’m certainly not trying to run a 5K. But I am trying to get off the couch more.

Admittedly, I was embarrassed to start running. It really isn’t a good visual. In my younger years, I had this great stride and was carefree. Now I take small steps, and I’m nervous to step on something the wrong way and twist my ankle. I imagine my neighbors watching me from inside their home and trying to describe what they see. “No honey, she’s not running. It’s more like a scoot.”

But I have been surprised by the camaraderie among runners. Sort of like Harley riders. Without the motorcycle. And without the leather gear. Okay okay. What I mean is that other runners (I mean the ones that are really running—the non-scooters) make a point to give me a nod or say hello. And whenever another runner acknowledges me all I can think is Cool! They think I’m one of them.

The other day, three women were running in my direction. They were laughing and carrying on. There I was hardly able to keep a steady breath, let alone speak. Then one of them gave me a smile and a wave. As much as I was ready to stop my run for the day, I waited till they were out of my view before I came to a halt. I didn’t want them thinking they’d wasted a wave and a hello on some second-rate runner.

The best part for me about running is that my kids want to join me. They like to ride their bikes while Mommy scoots behind them. Seeing as how I am unable to speak and run at the same time, I came up with hand signals for stop, slow down, keep going. I probably need one for “Mommy needs oxygen,” but I think they’ll figure that one out.


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