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You Want to Eat What?

April 9, 2011 by  
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by guest blogger Robyn Swatsburg

“Mommy, can you buy a mango?”  A mango?  What does a mango looks like?  Can I buy a mango at Walmart?  And where did my four-year-old discover she loved mangos?  Preschool apparently.  Where do they come up with their ideas?  

So off I went in search of a mango.  At Walmart.   And lo and behold, Walmart does sell mangos.  Right there next to the apples.  How did I miss those before?   They are shaped like eggs, measure about the size of a soup can, and cost about $1.50 each. 

Now the next challenge.  How to eat a mango.  The preschool  teacher, I learned, peeled it and cut it with a knife.  I could do that.  I used a potato peeler and tried to cut it like an apple. No luck.  I discovered a very hard core inside.  Instead I shaved off slices. 

Yum.   I loved it, too.  Sweet and juicy.  And healthy.  “Mango’s are high in antioxidents,” Mommy.  How do they teach four-year-olds this stuff?

The greatest thing about a mango, I found, is that it can wait.  My goal to feed my family as much fresh fruits and veggies as possible contradicts my other goal to visit the grocery store as infrequently as possible.  So after the grapes, the bananas, and the berries are all gone, I still have the apples, oranges, and mangos in the fridge waiting to be eaten.  The mango.  Love it!  Another great idea from preschool.

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