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Thank Goodness for Nana!

September 19, 2010 by  
Filed under J.Bright

One day when my son Tyler (4) was very small, my mom pulled up outside, here to watch him so I could work. Hat on her head and umbrella in her hand, I swear I thought, “My mom looks just like Mary Poppins!

Just about every week since Tyler was born, my mom has come over to watch him (and now Austin [2] too) while I work. Tyler and Austin adore all of their grandparents, and especially my mom. They call her “Nana Train” because she has a huge bin of trains she often brings.

Each night at bath, I ask Tyler and Austin what the best part of their day was. Often  they say, “Playing with Nana” even if she wasn’t here that day. If someone they don’t see a lot, like my Aunt Judy, comes over, they always say “Playing with Aunt Judy.” Otherwise they say “Playing with Daddy.” Interestingly, they never say “Playing with Mommy!”

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