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A Time to Give Thanks

September 19, 2010 by  
Filed under J.Bright

Last night I decorated for Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving; it’s without question my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is all about family and friends and food–and no gifts!

It makes me sad that Thanksgiving is just a speed bump on the way to Christmas. It amazes me each year that stores have Christmas things out before Halloween, lined up right behind to the Halloween things as if pushing them out of the way. No where is there space for Thanksgiving. I wish I could boycott stores that put out Christmas things before Thanksgiving, but then there would be no where for me to shop!

So in my own way, I make space and time for Thanksgiving. I decorate for Thanksgiving as I do every holiday, one night after my sons go to bed. I love to see their surprise and delight in the morning when they see our home has been transformed.

We have a few Thanksgiving books, and I plan to buy more. I love reading and talking about the holiday with my kids. I keep those books stored with the decorations, so when they come out it makes them special. Kinda like the Disney vault!

And on Thanksgiving day, we enjoy a special meal and each take time to say something we’re thankful for. In my mind it’s always family, friends, happiness, and health.

Best wishes to you for a lovely, peaceful Thanksgiving!


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