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Toy trading

September 19, 2010 by  
Filed under J.Bright

“Austin, will you trade Thomas for James?” Tyler (four) asked.

“Sure, Tyler!” Austin (two) replied.

Exchanges like these are daily, probably hourly, events here at our house. We used to have such a challenge with “toy taking,” one boy snatching a toy from the other. Then, I discovered the power of trading! My husband and I started to encourage the boys to offer something that they have in exchange for something that they want.

This worked out great because at the time, Tyler had a Leapster, but Austin didn’t yet have one. Austin would trade practically anything for a chance to play with the Leapster. So they quickly both learned that trading was beneficial to them both!

Now they trade toys back and forth all of the time, and toy taking is rare.


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