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Paper, paper everywhere

September 19, 2010 by  
Filed under J.Bright

Wow, did I feel bad. Tyler was crying hysterically, and it was my fault.

He asked me for some Valentines that he made last month out of paper and plain envelopes, and I couldn’t find them. Worse, I suspected that I had thrown them out.

I felt terrible because I knew how I would feel if someone had thrown away something I had worked hard on. Yet sometimes I admit I do toss some of my sons’ “artwork” in the recycling bin because otherwise we’d be drowning in it.

But Tyler was so upset I knew I needed a better plan. So we agreed that before I threw out a drawing, I’d ask. Anything Tyler wants to keep goes into a small bin. Once the bin is full, it’s Tyler‘s job to sort through it and throw out enough paper to make some room.


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