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Toddler Talk

September 19, 2010 by  
Filed under J.Bright

“We don’t say stupid!” Tyler (age four) proclaimed from across the room.

I didn’t even realize Tyler was paying attention! I was talking with a friend, and Tyler looked to be completely absorbed in playing with his Thomas wooden trains.

Yet, apparently he was paying attention, and he was enforcing a rule that he sometimes breakes himself.

Around two years ago, we entered the age of “toddler talk.” Our sons picked up words from who knows where; stupid and poopy were their favorites. My husband and I quickly adopted a zero-tolerance policy for this, and every time the boys said those words, we calmly replied, “We don’t say ‘stupid.’”

Amazingly, this approach worked! Tyler and Austin have dropped the words from their vocabularies, and they are quick to point out to family and friends that “we don’t say ‘stupid.’”

And it’s amazing to me how much these “little pitchers have big ears,” even when they don’t appear to be listening. Really keeps me on my toes!


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