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Food: The Best Gift Ever

September 19, 2010 by  
Filed under K.Rowell

My mom was in town close to my birthday recently. The dreaded “What do you want for your birthday?” came up. Our home is small, so I insisted nothing I had to find a place for. Nothing I can’t consume or throw away. Then I said it, “Can you cook for me and freeze a couple meals?” I was going to be away working during parts of the visit and Mom put on the apron and filled my freezer with pouches of hearty beef stew, silky vegetable soups, spaghetti sauces and more. It was the BEST GIFT EVER!!!

Families are busy, and anything that can help get a home-made, delicious meal on the table quickly is amazing. Can’t tell you how great it was on a busy day to pull out a soup, bake a loaf of bread and make a salad. Thanks Mom! It wasn’t just food, it was a gift of sanity and more time to enjoy with my family.

Would you feel comfortable asking your family and friends to help out with a few meals? What about a meal circle? A gift for a new mom, or a mom in transition with work, marriage, housing?


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