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A carrot by any other name would taste as sweet

September 19, 2010 by  
Filed under K.Rowell

So we were eating carrots and cucumbers last night with our home-made ginger dressing. We had leftover turkey curry, home-made bread, and broccoli cream soup experiment. (More on that coming up.) My daughter used to like eating carrots cut into thin fingers. She was not interested last night, and I started cutting the carrots into little circles and dipped them myself.

“Would you like some carrot coins?” I asked.

My daughter thought this was pretty nifty and nibbled on several more carrot and cucumber coins.

I didn’t pressure, but offered another option, a fancy name. There are studies that suggest some kids eat more veggies when given exciting names like “X-ray carrots” or “Power peas.” Most of the time that feels like too much work and energy, but give it a shot.

Remember, kids are fickle. They like things one day and reject them another. They might like crust on a sandwich one day, and not the next. The more you can relax and keep the power struggles out the better.

About the broccoli cream soup experiment: In an effort to not throw so much food away, I froze leftover broccoli from the last two times we cooked it. I sauteed an onion, added a tablespoon of butter, a box of broth, the broccoli, and a half can of evaporated milk. I blended it all. Verdict? Good flavor, a little watery. Maybe I’ll add potatoes next time…

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