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Dana Neuffer

Dana is a mom of two, a preschool teacher, a runner, and a member of MOTR (Mommy On The Run).

How many children do you have? I have two boys – ages four and seven. 

What’s your favorite parenting tip? Encourage independence in your children – teach them to do things for themselves – they will feel such a sense of pride!

What has surprised you most about parenting? How exhausting it is! Even though they are not babies anymore, I feel like we are constantly going until they drop into bed at night.

How do you get your kids to eat healthy food?  I primarily buy healthy foods at the grocery store, always serve at least one vegetable with dinner, and when the kids want a snack, I hand them a piece of fruit.

How do you work exercise into your family’s life?  The boys are involved in sports and they take swimming lessons. I allow little TV and instead encourage outside play. They ride bike next to me while I run, help with yard work and cleaning. We also like hiking and walking the dog together.

How do you recharge your batteries?  A few hours away from the kids helps, whether I’m running with friends or grocery shopping alone. Every evening, after the boys are in bed, my husband and I relax with the TV or a book to unwind.

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