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Laura Miranti, CPA

Laura is a mom of four and the owner and founder of Board Book Albums, LLC, manufacturer of the new Take Your Pix Board Book Photo Album.

How many children do you have?  I have four great kids: Slone (14), Marren (11), Lucia (5) and Lorén (20 months).

How did you come up with the idea for the Take Your Pix Board Book Photo Album?  When our daughter, Lucia, was only a year old, we realized that she was somewhat behind her peers in meeting certain developmental milestones. We began having regular sessions with a physical therapist and a speech specialist. The speech therapist suggested that I make Lucia a photo album to put photos of her family, toys, and other familiar objects in her world. Lucia quickly tore up the album that I made for her. When I was unable to find a kid-friendly photo album, I came up with the idea to create a board book photo album. This album has been a wonderful learning tool for Lucia. She loves to turn the pages and look at photos of her family, toys, and other familiar objects in her world. Studies have shown that young children only have object recognition with photos. This means that before the age of two, they can not relate a drawing of an object with the actual object, but they can relate a photo of the object with the actual object.

My hope is that many children will enjoy our board book style photo album. Kids with autism, speech delay, or other special needs may find it particularly beneficial as a learning tool, or just something fun to create with their own favorite photos.

What’s your favorite parenting tip?  I think that one of the best parenting tips is to “go with your gut” and trust that you know what’s right for your children. You don’t always have to do things “by the book” or the way that the experts, grandparents or others say it should be done. I think that every mom has a special sense of what is best for her children.

How do you get your kids to eat well and/or exercise?  I try to promote a healthy active lifestyle for our children by cooking a variety of healthy meals and by exercising regularly. We also enjoy taking walks, playing at the park and swimming in our pool. I think that the best way to teach your family good habits is to lead by example. Kids will “do what you DO” vs. doing “what you SAY to do.” They’re always watching us.

How do you recharge your batteries?  To recharge I like to get away in the evening for an exercise class at the Y or spend time with girlfriends (a rare treat). A chat on the phone with a good friend works wonders, too!

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