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Nonnie Jules

Nonnie Jules is the mother of two daughters, a teenager and a young adult, and is the author of The Good Mommies’ Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters: 100 Tips for Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

The idea for this book came about after having been asked numerous times “How did you raise your daughters to be this way?” and since I get this type of question very often, I thought “Why not put it in a book so everyone can benefit from my tips, and we could all leave our children a legacy of a world filled with (almost) perfect daughters.”

What’s your favorite parenting tip? 

Oh wow, my favorite parenting tip? I’ve put my top 100 in a book, so let me see if I can narrow it down to just one. Okay, my favorite tip is this: Teach your daughter to not be jealous of others. The world is filled with jealousy, and it breeds hatred and a host of other things. So, I like that tip the most.

How do you get your family to eat healthy food and/or exercise?

I am a fitness enthusiast, so we are a pretty healthy family—period. Once I got into “all things health and fitness,” they wanted to come along for the ride, and they enjoy it as much as I do. Eating healthy food is non-negotiable in our home. That’s not to say that we don’t eat “dirty” sometimes, because we do. But we live by an 80/20/100 rule. We eat 80% clean/20% dirty/100% of the time. We understand that to stay on track, we have to allow ourselves those tiny indulgences that keep us sane and happy.

How do you recharge your batteries?

I recharge by a few methods: running on my treadmill, taking a mini-nap (which I NEVER get to do), and my top recharger—reading a really good book!

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