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Alicia Hunter

Alicia is a mom of two and an Advanced & Celebrity Certified Novalash Extensionist, business owner.

How many children do you have?  I have two children, ages seven and five.

How did you come up with the idea for your company?  When I started my family, I was a paralegal, which didn’t exactly lend itself to congruency with family! I got my aesthetician license and lash extensionist licensure in six months, and I started my own business shortly thereafter. I now have the flexibility to be the mom I need to be and the career woman I want to be.

What’s your favorite parenting tip?  We are very open!! I admire my parents tremendously (they raised six of us on a teacher’s salary, and we are all happy, productive, and extremely close) but I welcome the opportunity to now be a mom myself, the openness I felt I perhaps lacked growing up, I now ensure I have with my own kids! If they ask it, I answer it! I am hopeful this openness will let them know they can come to me with anything—Anything! And we will work through it together.

I also always try to look at life through their eyes. If they are silly or having an “off” day, I try to put myself in their place and relate to them on their level, but without blurring that parent-child relationship. I’m their mom first, their guider, and their friend second! 

How do you get your family to eat healthy food and/or exercise?  I never deprive them of anything food-wise. I grew up being chubby and constantly battled my weight until five years ago, when I lost 56 pounds! I never want them to struggle with food issues. I feed them when they’re hungry and let them stop when they’re full! I offer food throughout the day of course, but just like adults, there are times when they’re just not hungry, and other times famished. I let them realize their own natural hunger cues!

I don’t force “exercise” but I think kids are naturally active, and since we live near the beach, we stay active wakeboarding or even just digging in the sand or collecting shells together. 

How do you recharge your batteries?  I need to get back to you on that! I’m still trying to figure that one out!! Eventually I will be better at balancing! 


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