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Nurturing Relationship with Spouse

When you are busy with work and toddlers, how do you nurture your relationship with your spouse?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: It’s hard to make the time to go out on “dates,” so my husband and I buy season tickets to the theater each year. This way, six times a year, we get tickets in the mail. This gives us the motivation to get dressed up and go out! Some years, those were the only six times we got to go out.

Having season tickets makes it planned, scheduled. It’s not like a vague “we should go for dinner sometime” or a more isolated “our favorite band is coming to town.” We buy these tickets each fall, and it puts our dates on auto-pilot.

Kate Tulenko, MD, a mom of four- and one-year-old girls and pediatrician and global health specialist with IntraHealth, in Washington DC

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