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Food and Nutrition

You want your toddler to try new, nutritious foods. That’s a great idea, except that practically everything about being a toddler goes against her wanting to try new foods! First, a toddler’s growth has slowed, so she needs to eat fewer calories. Second, toddlers are on the go, and they don’t want to sit still long enough to eat anything, let alone something they’re not sure they’ll love. And third, toddlers tend to glom on to the same foods, wanting them over
and over and over again. Why try a new food (broccoli) when you know that mac ’n cheese is super great?

Fortunately, this is one of many areas in life where persistence pays off. Experts say that it can take 10—or more—times of offering a food to a toddler before she’ll eat it. Keep trying, and maybe someday she’ll like it!

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