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Prenatal Vitamins

I’m thinking about trying to get pregnant. Is there anything I should do now to prepare my body?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: I began taking a prenatal vitamin at least 3 months before I started trying to get pregnant. Taking prenatal vitamins increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy. They help to prevent some diseases and at least you can cover those.

Any brand of prenatal vitamins is fine, and over-the-counter vitamins are as good as the ones that need a prescription. The most important part of the vitamin is the folic acid. Make sure your vitamins have 800 mcg of folic acid.It can be hard to take vitamins if you have morning sickness. I found it helped to take my vitamin with a meal during daytime.

Aline T. Tanios, MD, a mom of three and general pediatrician who treat medically complex children at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock

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