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Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery
My due date is approaching, and I just don’t know what to expect. Do you go to the hospital as soon as you start labor?
Like most people, I’m only permitted a short hospital stay after my baby is born. But I think I’ll be itching to go home. What did you think?
I can hardly wait to meet my baby! How did you feel the first time you saw your baby?
This is embarrassing: I’m concerned about having a BM while I’m in labor. Did you worry about that?
I’m so worried about labor that a part of me is wishing for a C-section. Is that a good idea?
My doctor is recommending I have a C-section. What can you tell me about the recovery?
I think I’d like to have an epidural. Can you tell me anything about your experience with it?
Part of me wants to have a natural delivery, but the other part says, sign me up for that epidural now! What did you do?
I really think I want to have an epidural, but I’m afraid if I can’t feel the pain, I also won’t be able to feel how I’m pushing. How does this work?
I’m in my third trimester and really scared about labor. How did you make it through?
I really think I want to have an epidural, but I’m terrified of needles. Will that matter when I’m in labor?
I think I’d like to have a natural delivery, with no pain medication. Did you and how did you make it through?
Do you think it’s a good idea to have an older child in the room for the birth of her sibling?
My husband is a nervous wreck that I’m going to call him home from work thinking I’m in labor but it will be a false alarm. Did that happen to you?
I’ve read that a lot of women need to have their water broken. I’m more worried about this than the labor itself. What was it like?
I’m terrified my water is going to break in the grocery store. How likely is that, really?

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