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Baby’s First Year

Baby’s First Year Q&As
My baby was just diagnosed with acid reflux. How did you cope with this?
I’m not able to nurse my baby, and I am so upset. How do you deal with the guilt?
My baby is a few weeks old, and I have a high fever and pain in my right breast. I think it might be mastitis. Did you get it?
My baby has been diagnosed with an allergy to my breast milk. I’m crushed. How did you cope with this?
I really want to nurse my baby, but I didn’t expect it to be so hard. Were you able to do it?
I nursed my first baby, but it was so hard. I’m pregnant again, and I want to nurse this baby, too, but I have to admit I’m scared. Was it as difficult for you with your second baby?
I’m breastfeeding my 10-week-old daughter and have always noticed a white tongue due to the breast milk. For two days now,  I have noticed small black dots on her white tongue. Is this a symptom of thrush?
My baby is a few weeks old, and I’m dreading going back to my full-time job. How did you manage to go back to work?
  I’m going back to work part-time soon, and I need to find a babysitter for my baby. How did you go about finding one?
  My maternity leave is almost over, and I have to put my baby in daycare. How you do deal with the guilt?
  My baby is five months old, and I’m back to work. A babysitter comes to our home to watch my daughter, and I know she’s doing a good job, but I don’t get much information about their day. What did you do?
  My baby is five months old. He doesn’t sleep well, and his crib is in our room. Is it time to move him out?
   My baby cries—make that screams—for hours every day. Did you have a fussy baby? How did you make it through?
  My son is a few months old and not sleeping well. I’m so tired. How did you cope?
I worry so much about my baby: Is that sneeze the start of the swine flu? Yikes, are those dots chicken pox? How do you contain your fears?
My baby is two weeks old. I didn’t expect this to be so hard! How did you make it through?
My baby is a few weeks old. I just don’t feel like myself. I’m so tired, and I cry at the drop of the hat. I fear it might be post-partum depression. Did you have it?
I have a 3-month-old daughter, and caring for her takes so much time and energy, I have little left for anyone else, especially my husband. But he’s a grown-up, right, he can cope! How did you and your husband make it through this hard time?
My baby is six months old and still not sleeping through the night. I’m exhausted! Did you try sleep training your baby?
My son is four months old. When did you begin giving your children solid food?
I make considerably more money than my husband, so he’s considering staying home with our baby while I go back to work? Did you try that?
My husband and I enjoy traveling; it’s a huge part of our life together. I fear that will all end when our son is born. Did that happen to you?
Now that my daughter is here, I am desperate to get back into shape. How did you do it?

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