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Emily Van Do

Emily is a mom of one son and the author of Mama Never Told Me…, which has been featured in Pregnancy magazine.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?  I didn’t realize it was an idea until I gave birth to my son, Maddox.  It all happened organically. When I was pregnant with Maddox, I gained just under 60 pounds. Admittedly, 60 pounds is a lot to add to any frame, especially when you’re 5′ 2″!  With the weight gain came such obnoxious and invasive comments. Because I couldn’t remember the comments, I started writing them in my journal.  My intention was to only read them to my husband over dinner.  I guess I was in search of some level of reassurance that I wasn’t just being that hormonal pregnant woman. Of course, it wasn’t me.

After I gave birth to my son, I realized I had nearly 40 comments and questions.  I thought I should do something creative with them, and Mama Never Told Me… was born! I also couldn’t believe that no one tells you this dialogue occurs.  I decided I would deliver the message!

How many children do you have?  I have one beautiful son.  His name is Maddox.  He just turned three years old.

What’s your favorite parenting tip?  I absolutely love it when people tell you how to raise your kids, especially when they don’t have any!

What has surprised you most about parenting?  I was fortunate to have a much younger brother growing up. I practically raised him!  So, no surprises—yet!

How do you get your son to eat healthy food?  I think I have the only kid in the world who won’t eat a gummy bear vitamin or a Flintstone’s vitamin!  My challenge is getting him to eat sweets; he loves broccoli! (Clearly, this terrible habit is NOT from my side!)

How do you work exercise into your family’s life? We try to go to the playground / park on the weekends, weather permitting. My son is a very active three-year-old, so I don’t worry about him. I work in NYC, which means a lot of walking for me!  My husband has been in shape his whole life (sooo annoying!)

How do you recharge your batteries? Between working in NYC (the commute is exhausting!) and finding time to promote Mama Never Told Me…, it’s difficult to find time to relax. However, my favorite way to  recharge is spending time with my son!

* Author photo by Jose Abreu

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