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Meal Prep and Healthy Eating

Encourage Young Kids to Help with Meal Prep to Foster Healthy Eating Habits
by Mommy MD Guides writer Jennifer Kushnier

Family mealtimes have long been touted as a checkpoint for parents and their children to connect on the day’s activities as well as what’s going on in their lives. It’s also been suggested that eating healthy meals together can set kids on the right course for future food decisions. But a recent report suggests that involving kids in the preparation of meals—both the family dinner and their own lunches—can set them on the proper path even sooner.

A board-certified bariatric and family physician, and founding member of a healthful meal delivery service, recently confirmed that the foundations of a lifetime of healthy eating begin at home. It certainly involves putting healthy items on the plate (foods that are low in added fat, sugar, and salt, as well as artificial dyes and flavorings), and parents should take the prep-time opportunity to explain to their children why certain choices are better than others. But it also involves what the final plate should look like—half of it should consist of vegetables. These veggies needn’t be boring steamed shells of their former selves. Roasting is a terrific option for vegetables such as carrots, as is sprinkling a little bit of low-fat cheese on broccoli if that makes it more appealing.

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