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Parenting Styles

Moms Tend to Follow Grandmoms’ Parenting Styles

According to a new study at Ohio State  University that looked at parenting practices, mothers tend to follow the same practices as their moms did. On the other hand, dads don’t seem to use their moms as parenting role models, at least for some practices.

The researchers looked at how often parents in the 1990s spanked, read to, and showed affection to their children, and compared that to how these parents were treated by their own mothers.

The researchers were surprised that moms seem to learn a lot about parenting role from their own mothers, but dads don’t follow their mothers as much. The researchers think that perhaps fathers might have been more influenced by their dads rather than their moms, but the surveys used by the study didn’t examine their fathers’ behavior.

The scientists also found major changes in parenting between the two generations. In particular, today’s parents read more and show more affection to their children and spank less. Nearly three times more mothers in the second generation reported reading daily to their children compared to their parents.



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