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And Today’s Feature Will Be

January 28, 2013 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

Baby showers are the first party for mom and baby. And not bad for a guest of honor that hasn’t arrived.

But if traditional baby showers aren’t exciting enough, brace yourself for the latest trend—ultrasound parties. In the comfort of your own home. It used to be come on by and gather around the big-screen TV. Now? Gather around the big-bellied mama.

Did you ever have the window or carpet guy stop in to demo his company’s demo kit? Well, these parties involve someone stopping by—a traveling ultrasound tech. And their demo kit is complete with a mobile ultrasound machine.

Yes, that’s right. You will find out the gender of your child at the same time as a room full of people. Maybe not the best choice for someone who cherishes privacy. They’ll be staring at your belly and studying your reaction. Keep in mind-everyone’s cell phone has a camera on it.

Mind you, it’ll be your friends at this unique gathering. But think about how out of hand that could get. Between the chips and dip, your girlfriends are placing bets on whether it’s a girl or boy. They’ll be clamoring around that ultrasound machine, shouting out wagers. “I put 50 bucks on it that you’re having a girl!” Suddenly your living room resembles the floor or the New York Stock Exchange. But instead of stocks rising, it’s just your blood pressure.

Adding alcohol could make it even more colorful. Their comments could get a bit too honest. “Oh darn! Boys are so much harder in the early years!” “Wow, didn’t you say you wanted a boy?” “Guess I can’t give you any hand-me-downs this time.”

And imagine what happens when you see you’re having twins. Perhaps the utter look of shock on your face will be enough to get people passing a hat around and dropping in cash.

The truth is, life should be a celebration. Starting early isn’t bad, but maybe a few guests wouldn’t mind staying for the after-party, like anytime from birth through the first year. You know, for cleanup duty and stuff.


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