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How’s Your Schedule Look?

December 18, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

By Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

First her boobs were too big. People wanted to know what size they were, and if they were real. If only someone had told her that Chicken of the Sea was in fact tuna and not chicken, she would have avoided public scrutiny on that one. But who had time to dwell on that when there was a marriage, a divorce, a new relationship, and eventually a baby to gossip about.

The life and times of celebrities. This time I’m referring to Jessica Simpson. She’s blonde. She’s pretty. And she lives under a microscope. After she gave birth to her first child that microscope narrowed in on her weight gain. The media wouldn’t let up about her weight. Then she signed with Weight Watchers. Great. Now she could make a gazillion more dollars, shed a few pounds, and maybe get a few star-gazing vultures off her back. But then,.seven months after she gave birth to her baby girl, it was rumored that was preggers again. You could almost hear the collective gasp across the country. Here we go again.

And this is where terms like “oops baby” and “surprise child” come into play.  “Oops” is dropping your keys in the toilet. A “surprise” is finding them in the drain pipe. But why do we have the terms anyway? If you have intercourse, then you gotta know it could happen.

It comes down to “it” happened, but not according to the schedule you thought. Big deal. You’ll have baby pushers riding your butt from the moment you say “I do.” Those are the people that apparently have nothing better to do than ask you when you’re having kids. Every chance they get. The same ones that will not be offering free babysitting once the kid is born. For them your timing is all off. If you have a baby too soon, they say you didn’t have a chance to know your partner. If you wait too long, they say you’re too old.

You can’t always do things on a perfect schedule. If you have a child earlier than what you had in mind, go ahead and consider it unscheduled. If you have babies later than you thought, you could call it an adjusted schedule. If you have kids more than a few years apart, just see it as a full schedule. And when you have ‘em super close. That is a very tight schedule.



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