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A Party to Remember

December 10, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

There are times when you feel like an outsider. Clearly, you have lost your flock.

Ever go to a dog park, but you don’t have a dog? Don’t be shocked to see people happy to see their Fido smelling Sparky’s butt! Seriously?

How about one of those candle parties? You prefer electricity. A room full of women bursting with excitement over the various scents. You just keep thinking they’re decorative fire hazards.

Or a Mary Kay party. Most of the ladies are giddy about the new line for the season. You just wonder if you still have to mix water with it to use it. That and how much of it will it take to make you look like the model on the cover of the brochure.

And even though you may have always wanted children and enjoy being around them, until you’re pregnant, you’re not truly an insider. But going to a baby shower will get you a little closer. However, it’s sort of a different world. Kind of like being a bridesmaid. Once you do it, you’ll be in the know.

The carefully crafted invitation is so cute it makes you want to get pregnant. It includes every pastel color imaginable, with graphics of baby bottles, the alphabet, diapers, and little angels. Seriously, why aren’t invitations for adult parties that adorable? At best, we send out an e-mail with a colon and half a parentheses to make a smiley face.

Yep, a party for someone who isn’t even born yet! They have yet to make it to the outside. But fetus shower doesn’t have such a nice ring to it. And it may seem like baby showers are over the edge. The balloons six blocks away directing traffic to the shower destination. More balloons lining the entrance of the actual party place. Cake shaped like a building block, melons cut into the shape of pacifiers, and mini baby bottles filled with candy.

And inevitably, games will be played. No one likes them. But everyone plays them.

The mood is light. People are genuinely happy to be there. It isn’t just the spiked punch—they really want to wish you well. No one goes to the showers for the games. Food maybe. Games not so much.

And the guest list includes all your favorites. From Godmothers to co-workers to college roommates—they might all be there. Think about that. When else would all those people be together with you? As a living person. Not even a Lady Gaga show, a weekend in Vegas, or a bachelorette party would do it. Well, unless your Godmother is really hip.



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