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Who Needs to Know

December 6, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

Once you get pregnant, you gotta figure out who you tell. Once upon a time, you swore by the same rule as winning the lottery. Tell no one and get an attorney. But the reality is that just when you think no one besides you and the baby’s father needs to know, the list of people you realize you really have to tell begins to form.

Your best friend from high school needs to know because, well she knows everything. You can’t withhold something like pregnancy. It’s totally against the rules. And you might want to tell your best friend from college. She saw you through three different apartments, two breakups, and one change of your major. Your in-laws have asked you for two years when you plan on giving them grandchildren. Perhaps if you tell them, they’ll be shocked into being quiet. Maybe it’s okay to let your cubicle-mate at work in on the information too. Because when fatigue, mood swings, and bizarre food cravings kick in, he’ll understand you’re not being the usual strange you.  You’re being  the pregnant strange you. And what the heck, for good measure (and because you can’t keep your trap completely shut) you add on the neighbor, the banker, and the mail carrier. Yep, no one needs to know.

Pregnancy can be one of those things that you kind of want to keep to yourself. Like telling people who you voted for or how much money you make. Or what your GPA was in college. There’s so much coming at you, it would be nice to dissect some of it before the masses chime in with their unsolicited advice, comments, and suggestions, such as:

“Are you going to stay at home with the baby?”

“Please don’t post every picture you take of the kid on Facebook!”

“You aren’t going to be using the break room to pump in are you?”

“Seriously, you should try labor without any medication.”

It’s like a snowball of all verbal assaults headed your way.

Speaking of the swarm, can you imagine how Catharine, Duchess of Cambridge must have felt? She‘s not out of the first trimester yet and anyone with a smart phone, laptop, or a television knows she and Prince William are expecting. To make matters worse, she was hospitalized with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Acute morning sickness. And now the whole world is watching. And speculating. And judging. Yeah, that’s gotta make that puking a whole lot easier to deal with.

So you tell a few people. And then a few more. You’re just excited. After all, it’s much more fun discussing your pregnancy than your college GPA.



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