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So That’s What They Look Like

November 21, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

We all understand things. Maybe not all of us get all things. But most of us get some things.

Things I understand? Zumba, counting by two’s, and how to make a mean batch of mac ‘n cheese. Things that I don’t get? Maps, roundabouts, and ultrasounds. Do we really need maps? They are virtually impossible to put back the way you’re supposed to and the print is often too small to make out. Can’t someone just tell me how to get there?

Seriously? Roundabouts? We did very well for a long time without them in this country. This is a cruel way to force some of us to go around in a circle for five minutes, working up the nerve to bail. Roundabouts are to traffic as double dutch is to jumping rope. Near perfect timing and the ability to enter total chaos are necessary for both.

And then there are ultrasounds. The first picture proof of your baby’s existence.

I had three ultrasounds done with my first son. Each time it was as if I were watching a movie that I had seen before but wasn’t immediately sure how it ends. My doctor smiled and pointed out where she could see the heartbeat. I just smiled and wondered if I needed glasses. It pretty much looked like what you see on your TV when a station is off the air. Very grainy. But as long as that grain had a heartbeat I was happy. Although subtitles would have been nice.

Just recently I took a look at the copy of the second ultrasound. I must have eyeballed it for five minutes before I realized it was upside down. Sadly, it made no difference. At that visit My OB was pointing out the different parts of the baby’s body. I was so amazed to see his sweet little bottom. Imagine my embarrassment when she told me that was his head! It was like being in advanced Algebra, when you are still working on your addition flash cards. I wondered how the heck she could tell what anything was. I looked so hard at that ultrasound, I strained my eyes. All I saw were light spots and dark spots. Thousands of them.

Ultrasound number three. Now, we’re talking. I didn’t need any translation this time. I saw a head, and an arm. There was a hand with little fingers! That was my baby. My first reaction was to cry happy tears. Then, I wondered why he looked so much like ET.  Perfect. One more reason to scarf down a bag of Reese’s Pieces!


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