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It’s How You Play the Game

June 26, 2012 by  
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by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

Winning isn’t everything. Our parents told us that, and we tell our kids that. It’s about having fun and how you play the game. But it can be a bit ironic how things change when it’s convenient for us.

How many times are you there screaming from the sidelines, “It’s okay that you missed a shot sweetie. Just keep having fun!”? Or wonder how the ref could have messed up a call that messed up your kid’s team that messed up the whole game?

My kids played against a team that had one of the loudest, most aggressive coaches I’d ever seen. She was red in the face and yelling their names so loudly we all took note. I was thinking she’s just what we need for boot camp. Not a youth soccer league. She had me a bit scared, and I wasn’t a kid on her team.

And you just knew your kid would get the lead in the school play. Until she didn’t. Did you try to convince her that having a non-speaking part in a crowd scene would be just as fun? Sure, you’d be there with the camcorder during the performance, but there’s a good chance there would be audio of you saying, “Yep there she is. Third row top left. She should be singing, but the music director was clueless.”

Moms get competitive too. Ever been to a rummage sale? I’m talking the really good, big ones like they have at schools that take up nearly every classroom. These events are very much like opening day for baseball. And yes, there might be people camped out hours before in lawn chairs, just like at a tailgate party. And when those doors open— game on! Hoarders, hunters, gatherers, you name it. These ladies are grabbing the goods and make no apologies for stuffing their bags full of as much as they could, bumping into others along the way.

But for a moment, consider the story about high school junior Meghan Vogel. During a track meet, she saw an opponent collapse near the finish line. Not only did she stop running, but she went to the aid of her opponent, helping her up and cross the finish line—first!

Now there is some food for thought as we go about our busy days, passing others by. But maybe the next time we see that very pregnant mom in line at the store, we let her go first. As far as the gotta-be-first rummagers go, let them push their way in to be first. You can go back tomorrow—when all the goodies are half price!


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