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How’s the Grass on Your Side?

June 10, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

We’ve all heard the saying: The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  Basically that sums up how we feel when it seems like things on our end never measure up. Someone always has it better.

You must have a “grass is greener” list don’t you?  A list of why someone else has it so good.  I know it’s not a list you necessarily want anyone to see, but you must have one.  You know, the list that includes the fact that you wish you were in as good of shape as the younger moms you work with. Maybe that list includes your envy of the fact that you have to work outside the home, but the other moms in your subdivision don’t.  And that you feel like you’ll be in a financial black hole forever, whereas your college cohorts are already talking about early retirement.  Or that no matter how hard you try, your cooking is far from good, but you have friends who can dance circles around Rachel Ray. And that you gain weight just by thinking about food, but your sister can eat all she wants without gaining an ounce!

How unmom like, right? How dare we want what we deem better, when we constantly tell our kids not to? “Yes I know they have cool toys, but you have good toys too.  It doesn’t matter if all your friends have that CD, it has naughty words in it! Wish all you want, but we are your family and they have rules at their house too. You don’t have to like them, but you do have to eat them.”

I’d love a house with more than one bathroom. I resent that fact that I can’t eat like I didn’t my 20s without packing on the pounds.  And I want to be taller.  And even though I tell it to butt out, the voice of reason sneaks in and reminds me that indoor plumbing is a luxury, I ate  way too much in my 20s, and at least I’m not shrinking. Much.

So as I look out the window from my one-holer home, I look at the neighbors’ lawns. The one to the west is light green. The one to the east is more pea green, and ours is kind of blue-green. The grass isn’t necessarily greener, just a different shade.


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