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Change Is Good. Isn’t It?

June 8, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

By Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

How many times have we heard our parents or grandparents say, “When we were young…”? It’s usually part of a conversation that has them reminiscing about walking miles (uphill) to school with ill-fitting shoes.

And whereas parenting is still a challenge, it is fun to take a look at how things have evolved to make it easier.

Some of us grew up in a time when families had what seemed like no less than four kids in a family. This might very well be the reason casseroles, bunk beds, and mini vans were created. But we now can control the size of our family if we choose. Thank you, birth control.

And now within five minutes you can find out if you’re pregnant. Way back when you knew for sure when you went into labor. As you began pushing you thought, Yep. I’m pregnant.

And who doesn’t have an older relative who can predict the gender of an unborn child? With 0 percent accuracy. Those ultrasounds are a much safer bet.

The pain and discomfort of labor can be incomparable. Maybe you choose to go the natural route, but for the rest of us there are epidurals to get us back to a happy place.

Perhaps you aren’t convinced you’ll hear the distinct sound of your hungry, screaming baby in the middle of the night. No worries, as now you can amplify that sound with a baby monitor. They’re also good for messing up your cordless phone transmission and listening in on your neighbor’s conversations.

Disposable diapers aren’t good for the environment, but they are super convenient, and fewer babies will be poked with diaper pins. And now all that baby waste can be stored in one place: a diaper genie. Baby poop is just too good to be mixed in with the regular household garbage.

If you ever wanted to feel like a cow, you’ll appreciate the breast pumps. And there are about a gazillion different bottles for you to choose from to store that milk in.

The truth is many of us rode unsecured, or at least under secured, in the car as infants. But now, infant carriers make it safer for baby to ride. They are also a source of confusion as to how to properly install.

From toys to designer clothes and books to bedroom sets, kids these days have it made. But when we were young..


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